Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, and spending most of my time outdoors, enhanced the desire to capture some of those special moments.

I graduated from CSU, with a BFA in Graphic Design, Foreign Languages and a minor in Dance. After having my own graphic business, and working for Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, Samsonite and Ocean Pacific, I began to devote more time to the fine arts.

Photography started with wanting to capture ideas for artwork, and has grown into a passion in and of itself.

I am fascinated with the nuances of nature, which can only be recognized if one slows down and takes the time to see them.

Wild horses are at the top of my wildlife interests. Education through images is important to me.
Hopefully, one will be moved by my photos and artwork, with the emotions to protect the beauty which surrounds us!

“May You Always Be Passionate About The Treasures In Life You Love” ~ Barbara Sophia