hand~dyed shibori kimono


Description of Shibori Hand~dyed Kimono ~ Indigo Waterfall

Shibori hand-dyed kimono. I used the traditional Japanese technique Shibori and natural indigo dye. Indigo dye, comes from a plant, and is one of the oldest dyes used for coloring fabrics. This natural dye process has long been and is still used in many cultures around the world. The indigo blue color has played an important role in several cultures throughout history.

Natural Indigo takes a considerable amount of effort. First off, it is not soluble in water. It has to be ground, pasted up, then most recipes call for reducing it. I do not use lye, which is toxic. It is kept in a vat and can be continually reused for a certain amount of time. A flower forms on the top which has to be lifted off. The initial color is a flourescent green and as the dyed material oxidizes it turns a gorgeous indigo. When one is finished dyeing the material, you put the flower back on top of the dye in the vat and cover tightly. This process although involved and time consuming is very rewarding! Palazzo Pants and Dolman are part of my clothing line, Designed and manufactured with Brigitte.

Currently, all my openings for Kimono commissions are filled until the Fall of 2021. If you would like a Kimono created especially for you in the future, you can always e-mail me. Please click here to be transferred to my contact page.