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Barbara Sophia’s lOO% Organic Bamboo Clothing

by Barbara Sophia Ulrych in Artist at Work
Most of the garments are being manufactured right in Carbondale, Colorado. Some in Canada. I am dyeing the garments in fabulous colors using the traditional Japanese technique, Shibori; as well as dyeing them in solid colors. 
Bamboo fabric is truly heavenly, soft, luscious, and elegant! Bamboo is an absolutely amazing fiber. Can’t seem to say enough wonderful things about it! The fabric itself has anti-microbial properties. It wicks moisture away from the body, so it can help you feel cool and dry in the heat of the summer. It has insulating properties to keep you warm in the winter. Even though the fabric is lightweight and soft, it is very durable. 
Growing Bamboo is eco-friendly. Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. It does not require replanting, fertilization, or pesticides. Bamboo is excellent for restoring degraded lands and protecting against soil erosion. The whole plant has many benefits. The young shoots are edible; the leaves make good animal fodder; the branches are useful for making handicrafts, and the poles (technically referred to as ‘culms’) are useful as a construction material or made into pulp for fabric. Enjoy the silky feeling and many benefits found in BARBARA SOPHIA’S line of Organic Bamboo/Cotton garments.
May You Always Dance Comfortably Through Life!