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New Article in the Sopris Sun

by Barbara Sophia Ulrych in A Family Tradition
The Sopris Sun just published a wonderful article, written by Angela Palone. 
Carbondale is a very special town, in how it supports its artists. The Sopris Sun, is one example of how artists are supported. Every week there is an article on a unique individual and their creative endeavors. This week, there is an article of my mother, Brigitta, and I.  I love the way Angela pulled the thread of my great-grandfather, and grandfather both being master gold-smiths, my mother working with her hands, and now I working with gold in a different way, as well as my children.
I work with a couple glass-blowers out of Murano, Italy, encasing 24k white and/or yellow gold. Many of the pieces I design, as well as choosing the colors from an amazing color palatte that they have.  Murano glass, has a translucent quality that surpasses any other in the world.  The glass blowers of Murano have dedicated their lives to preserving a centuries-old art form. Part of the process consists of hand-forming each single bead on a copper wire, and then dissolving the wire out of the bead.